Plastic drums

Plastic drums

Thanks to meticulous overall design and the use of cutting-edge technology, OMCE’s HDPE plastic drums feature innovative solutions that maximize quality.

OMCE plastic drums consist of a double layer: the inner polyethylene layer is unpigmented, i.e. it is transparent-natural, and the outer layer is blue polyethylene. The absence of pigments in the plastic material in direct contact with the product contained in the drum reduces any risk of contamination,thereby guaranteeing the high quality and purity of food products and likewise ensuring the absolute absence of other potentially polluting compounds, even for all other chemicals contained in the drum that are HDPE-compatible.

OMCE’s partial-opening HDPE HMW drum has a nominal capacity of 220 liters and a capacity at the mouth of 227.6 liters.

It is manufactured by extrusion/blow molding using high-quality raw materials and equipped with two 2″ openings with internal thread closed with cappable seal caps.

OMCE plastic drums are approved for the transport of hazardous goods, in accordance with current regulations (ADR-RID-IMO-IMDG-IATA-ICAO).
They can be used for chemical, oil, food and specialty products.

Product characteristics


fusti ferro cilindrici omce

steel drums

All drums are approved for road (ADR), rail (RID), ship (IMDG-CODE IMO) and air (ICAO) transport
of hazardous goods.

cisternette ibc in plastica omce


Since OMCE’s KBIN can hold any type of liquid, they are suitable for both the chemical and food industries.

fusti troncoconici omce

steel drums

Conical steel drums are a popular type of packaging in the food industry, and are now also increasingly used by chemical and oil companies.

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