Nuclear drums

Nuclear drums

In 2023, OMCE Spa, in partnership with an important and qualified partner, developed and presented a new packaging solution type IP-1 and IP-2, suitable for the safe transport of radioactive material (LSA low specific activity).

The RA2AR model was developed in accordance with the IAEA REGULATIONS FOR THE SAFE TRANSPORT OF RADIOACTIVE PRODUCTS/ED 2018/No. SSR-6 REV 1 AND ADR 2021.

Approval 1A2/X333/S/22 I/CSI1263220MC02.

It is suitable for containing and transporting flammable, corrosive and toxic solids of PACKAGE GROUPS I-II-III.

Tutti i fusti in ferro cilindrici prodotti dalla OMCE S.p.A.
sono omologati per il trasporto: stradale (ADR), ferroviario (RID), navale (IMDG-CODE IMO) e aereo (ICAO) di merci pericolose.
L’acciaio con cui vengono realizzati rispetta la norma UNI EN 10130.

Fusti in Ferro con Coperchio

  • Fusto Cilindrico a Coperchio Fisso

I fusti di capacità minima di 216,5 litri in acciaio ad apertura parziale rispettano la norma EN ISO 15750-2 EN210.

  • Fusto Cilindrico a Coperchio Mobile

I fusti in acciaio di capacità minima di 210 litri ad apertura totale rispettano la norma EN ISO 15750-1 EN209.

I fusti con coperchio mobile possono essere Normali e Isocontainer. Quest’ultimo è rastremato in cima per ottimizzare e facilitare il carico del container. Inoltre l’anello è in linea con il diametro del corpo e non urta l’anello del fusto adiacente.


fusti troncoconici omce

steel drums

Conical steel drums are a popular type of packaging in the food industry, and are now also increasingly used by chemical and oil companies.

cisternette ibc in plastica omce


Since OMCE’s KBIN can hold any type of liquid, they are suitable for both the chemical and food industries.

fusti plastica omce


Thanks to meticulous overall design and the use of cutting-edge technology, HDPE plastic drums feature innovative solutions that maximize quality.

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