Cylindrical Steel drums

Cylindrical Steel drums

OMCE SpA offers its customers a choice of tight head or open head steel drums from a wide range of standard models, all of which are approved for the transport of dangerous goods, according to road (ADR), rail (RID), ship (IMDG) and air (ICAO) transport regulations. The steel used for these drums meets EN 10130 – 10131 standards. The thickness of the steel, and thus the tare weight, can be adapted to the customer’s needs, and further customization is possible. In addition to a plain finish, the inside of the drums can be coated with different types of paint. The outside of the drum can be graphically finished with paints of many different colors, with special color effects, and screen printing and custom effect solutions can also be applied as per customer specifications.

Tutti i fusti in ferro cilindrici prodotti dalla OMCE S.p.A.
sono omologati per il trasporto: stradale (ADR), ferroviario (RID), navale (IMDG-CODE IMO) e aereo (ICAO) di merci pericolose.
L’acciaio con cui vengono realizzati rispetta la norma UNI EN 10130.

Fusti in Ferro con Coperchio

This type of drum is used almost exclusively for holding liquid or liquid-like products, in terms of their fluid-dynamic behavior. The reference capacity is 216.5 liters in accordance with EN ISO 15750-2 (formerly EN210). OMCE SpA tight head drums are manufactured by calendering and subsequent electronically controlled continuous, longitudinal welding of the overlapping flap shell; following the introduction of mastic, the bottoms are assembled to the shell by triple seam. Drums with a capacity of 230 liters in accordance with EN12711 are also available upon request. The two standard caps – G2” and G3/4” – are provided on the lid of this type of drum. These openings can be customized with different types of gaskets depending on the product they are to contain. The drums are tested for hydraulic tightness on a spot-check basis or using more high-performance methods such as 100% helium testing, upon request. Other customizations such vented lid caps, etc. are possible upon specific request. Delivery can be by means suitable for transporting loose batches, in cages, on pallets and with other methods and variants to meet customer requirements.

This type of drum is available in variants for the containment of solids and for the containment of liquids and the approvals refer to the specific application for which the drums are intended. The reference capacity is 210 liters in accordance with EN ISO 15750-1 (formerly EN209). In addition to the normal variant with a 610 mm outer diameter, in recent years, the variant with a tapered opening has become increasingly popular, as it facilitates pallet loading, particularly in containers, hence the name ISOCONTAINER. In addition, depending on the models, the use of a PE liner can also be provided for upon request, again in compliance with the approval. On some models of this type of drum, a G2” plug can be applied to the body for specific uses upon request. Otherwise, the production methods, finishes, customizations, and delivery methods are similar to those of tight head-drums.

  • Fusto Cilindrico a Coperchio Fisso

I fusti di capacità minima di 216,5 litri in acciaio ad apertura parziale rispettano la norma EN ISO 15750-2 EN210.

  • Fusto Cilindrico a Coperchio Mobile

I fusti in acciaio di capacità minima di 210 litri ad apertura totale rispettano la norma EN ISO 15750-1 EN209.

I fusti con coperchio mobile possono essere Normali e Isocontainer. Quest’ultimo è rastremato in cima per ottimizzare e facilitare il carico del container. Inoltre l’anello è in linea con il diametro del corpo e non urta l’anello del fusto adiacente.


Product characteristics


fusti troncoconici omce

steel drums

Conical steel drums are a popular type of packaging in the food industry, and are now also increasingly used by chemical and oil companies.

cisternette ibc in plastica omce


Since OMCE’s KBIN can hold any type of liquid, they are suitable for both the chemical and food industries.

fusti plastica omce


Thanks to meticulous overall design and the use of cutting-edge technology, HDPE plastic drums feature innovative solutions that maximize quality.

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