Since OMCE’s KBIN can hold any type of liquid, they are suitable for both the chemical and food industries.

They are made from high-density, high-molecular-weight polyethylene obtained by extrusion blow molding. The galvanized steel cage is assembled using a computerized arc-welding system.

Every single component is tested and the assembly is constantly monitored using cutting-edge control systems.

OMCE SpA has obtained various UN approvals for its IBC (31HA1) as a result of testing with 6 standard liquids (water, wetting solution, acetic acid, n-butyl acetate, hydrocarbon mixture, nitric acid), for the transport of dangerous goods in package groups II and III. Furthermore and in addition, some OMCE IBC models, having also met the testing requirements provided for in the IEC TS 60079-32-1:2013 and TRGS 727:2016 guidelines, have obtained certification for use in ATEX environments, and are therefore suitable for applications in zones 1 and 2 for Group IIA explosive liquids according to IEC TS 60079-32-1 ( which includes substances such as: ethanol, propanol, butanol, hexanol, heptanol, ethylene glycol, ethylbenzene, acetoacetic acid and ethyl acetate.


Product characteristics


fusti ferro cilindrici omce

Cylindrical steel

All drums are approved for road (ADR), rail (RID), ship (IMDG-CODE IMO) and air (ICAO) transport
of hazardous goods.

fusti troncoconici omce

steel drums

Conical steel drums are a popular type of packaging in the food industry, and are now also increasingly used by chemical and oil companies.

fusti plastica omce


Thanks to meticulous overall design and the use of cutting-edge technology, HDPE plastic drums feature innovative solutions that maximize quality.

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